Vera Bradley
Visually Authentic Stories

A day in February 2015

That day, I learned the Vera Bradley campaign I photo concepted was unanimously favored in focus group testings. It was a bit surprising, I admit, because the existing Vera Bradley imagery featured their products with beautifully styled models posed in stunning locations.   >>>  The concept had to be very different. So for this new campaign the imagery revolved around capturing relatable moments in life that felt authentic. Each photo purposefully created a little story featuring naturally beautiful talent with clothes that complimented them, their activity and the product. Showing different facial expressions, aside from the familiar smile, was intentional. Each photo was intended to capture familiar and fun activities woman do while carrying their favorite bag. And in turn would also convey emotions that consumers could respond to. And that is exactly what the focus group did… they responded:

…Vera can be part of whatever my lifestyle is.

These ads…spoke to my soul.

This is amazing. I love.

…It’s about owning who you are today…

My inner hippie needs something like this.

Vera Bradley has evolved.

And so the visual creation begun. Designing photo concepts that would appear in national print ads, targeted OLA, website elements, direct-mail brochures, in-store signage and  social videos.

Own who you are today

The kick off

These images were the very beginning of bringing the visual campaign to life.
The scenarios centered on Millennials, Back to School and Fashion which featured the introduction of the new leather merchandise.

Social Media Video Snippets

Videos posted on social media supported the fall launch and the “I AM” campaign

The campaign's growth

Mother’s Day, Summer and more fabulous Fall products

National Magazine Ad placements

Elle, Vogue, Teen Vogue, Style, Real Simple, Style Watch, Parents, Shape, Redbook, Better Homes and Gardens

Authentic Reactions to the Fall product

With my set design, storyboarding and direction, a testimonial video captured authentic, first-hand reactions to the fall product line up. Asking each participants questions to provoke true opinions.