Passionate about delivering design concepts that authentically speak to the customer and create memorable experiences.

Web design

Website design isn’t new for me.
In 1998, I helped design the Ford Motor Company website. Today, my design work has expanded into site architecture and programming.

Creative Direction

Starting a new project is such fun for me. Visual solutions can be endless, but it comes down to the one design that solves the communication need. 

Photo conceptualization

Every photo needs a concept, considering many aspects that will make up the shot (location, visual approach, context, etc.) When everything combines together, a good photo will tell a story.


There are no bad ideas when brainstorming. Sometime the silliest thoughts can turn a concept into something fun and memorable. And that truly is the goal! 


With multichannel marketing, a production background is necessary to make a design concept appear the way it was meant to be seen across multiple platforms. 

team leadership

Collaboration can make fresh ideas successful. The key is to share and listen. As a leader, it’s important to encouraging team members to explore ideas. Developing unique solutions together is very fulfilling.