w i t h i n

inspiration comes from personal found beauty.

it triggers an emotional connection and provokes a response.

it plants and grows ideas.

it continues to define us.

Inspiration comes from many things. Sometimes simple. Sometimes complex. It’s interesting how discovering something can trigger a positive feeling while opening your eyes and mind. I’m fortunate that my career allows me continuous opportunities to find inspiration and be creative. Because of this, I’ve developed a heightened sense of awareness for design, photography, art, conceptualization, type, textures, and more. I’ve come to realize that the things that resonate with you, inspire you, because they feel personal. They become a part of your make up. My best creative work happens when my inspiration comes from within.

So, when I find myself searching for the big idea, I remind myself that anything can be a catalyst, but the true INSPIRATION  will come from  WITHIN.

Be true to the light that is deep within you. Hold on to your joy for life. Keep good thoughts in your mind and good feelings in your heart. Keep love in your life, and you will find the love and light in everyone. ◊ Be giving, forgiving, patient, and kind. Have faith in yourself. Be your own best friend, and listen to the voice that tells you to be your best self. ◊ Be true to yourself in the paths that you choose. Follow your talents and passions; don’t take the roads others say you must follow because they are the most popular. Take the paths where your talents will thrive – the ones that will keep your spirits alive with enthusiasm and everlasting joy ◊ Most of all, never forget that there is no brighter light than the one within you. Keep on being true to yourself. Keep shining your light on others so they will have a reason to smile. Follow your inner light to your own personal greatness, and remember that you are admired and loved just as you are.

Jacqueline Schiff, Positive Thoughts, May 21, 2015

below is a sampling of conceptual designs

created for new business pitches.

These ideas derived from product research, brainstorming and inspiration.